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Learning Prayers & Blessings

Whether you are planning a visit to B'nai Israel, studying for a bar or bat mitzvah, or if you just want to hear the melodies we use when chanting the prayers, you will find these resources helpful.

If any of these links aren't working for you, please email or call our office 916-446-4861 and we can help.
Blessing before the reading of the Torah
Blessing after the Torah reading
Blessing before the Haftarah reading
Blessing after the Haftarah reading
Tallit Blessing
Nisim B'chol Yom
Chatzi Kaddish
Yotzer Or
Mi Chamocha
Avot V'imahot

Ma'ariv Aravim

Ein Chamocha
Av Harachamim
Ki Mitziyon
Shema v'Echad Eloheinu
Gadlu L'adonai Iti
Hodo Al Eretz


 Click below to hear Cantor Julie Steinberg sing the prayers for Havdalah. 


For Shabbat Blessings in written and audio form, click here to visit the Reform Judaism website.


Sat, January 23 2021 10 Sh'vat 5781