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Yahrzeit - The Anniversary of a Loved Ones Death


Zichronam Livracha, may their memories be for a blessing.

Yahrzeits are observed on the nearest Sabbath following the date of death.


  • Abbie Blackman for grandmother, Pauline Blackman
  • Andrew Acosta for grandmother in law, Pauline Blackman
  • Ann Rothschild for father in law, Norman Rothschild
  • Ariel Calvert for grandmother in law, Pauline Blackman
  • Avery Simone Acosta for great grandmother, Pauline Blackman
  • Carol Blackman for mother in law, Pauline Blackman
  • Jack Blackman for great grandmother, Pauline Blackman
  • Jodie Rubenstein for Husband, Loren Rubenstein
  • John Appelbaum for father in law, Samuel Siskin
  • Josh Blackman for grandmother, Pauline Blackman
  • Kate Burch for Grandfather, Dick Robb
  • Michael Rothschild for father, Norman Rothschild
  • N/A for Myron Nathan
  • N/A for Sol Fink
  • N/A for Herman Kirschbrown
  • N/A for Nellie Samoville
  • Peter Blackman for mother, Pauline Blackman
  • Robin Appelbaum for father, Samuel Siskin
  • Shye Marshall for Grandmother, Margaret Turner
  • Sydney Quinn Acosta for great grandmother, Pauline Blackman
  • Tatum Blackman for great grandmother, Pauline Blackman
  • Tom McElheney for Aunt, Dorothy Davis
  • Wilma Blocker for Brother, Jason Zaltzman


  • Barbara Steinberg for Grandmother, Jennie Steinberg
  • Jean Ismail for fiance' of Jean's daughter, Christopher Fischer
  • Jonny Bowles for Grandfather, Melvin Wright
  • Kathleen Hughes for mother, Dorothy Hughes
  • N/A for Morris Greenberg
  • Susan Dorenfeld for Father, Soloman Dorenfeld


  • Andrew Mudryk for Don's mother, Marilyn Hughes
  • Don Hughes for mother, Marilyn Hughes
  • Elyce Frydman for Grandmother, Anita Levine
  • Estelle Opper for Sister in law, Idel Kirschbrown
  • Lila Hollman-Dowty for Grandmother, Matilda Hollman
  • N/A for Isabella Bloomberg
  • N/A for Herman G. Triger
  • N/A for Emma Schoen
  • Norman Fassler-Katz for Mother-in-law, Mary Fassler
  • Paula Dunning for Father, Abe Levy



The word ‘Yahrzeit’ is Yiddish and is translated to mean “time of year.” In Judaism, there is a focus on carrying on the memory of those before us from generation to generation. Based on Jewish law, the Yahrzeit is the day one year following the death of a loved one as calculated in accordance with the Hebrew calendar.

This remembrance is performed annually by reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish and burning a Yahrzeit candle for 24 hours. Remembrances also take place at Yizkor services on Yom Kippur and the three pilgrimage festivals (Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot). It is customary to mark each Yahrzeit by giving tzedakah in memory of our beloved.

Please login and visit your personal account to manage your family's Yahrzeit list. Congregation B'nai Israel will notify you by mail several weeks in advance of an upcoming Yahrzeit observance. 

To dedicate a memorial plaque to a loved one at Congregation B'nai Israel, please use the Memorial Plaque (Yahrzeit) Order Form and return it to the temple office.

Fri, February 22 2019 17 Adar I 5779