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Yahrzeit - The Anniversary of a Loved Ones Death


Zichronam Livracha, may their memories be for a blessing.

Yahrzeits are observed on the nearest Sabbath following the date of death.


  • Arthur Baum for Brother, Eugene Baum
  • Cheryl Linton for Brother, David Green
  • Helen Drexen-Wiens for Father, Jacob Wiens
  • Jeff Simon for grandfather, Elias Simon
  • Mark Greenbaum for Father, Abraham Greenbaum
  • Mark Len for Grandmother, Lotti Cohen
  • N/A for ldell Gladys Selinger
  • N/A for William H Cohen
  • William Linton Jr. for Brother in law, David Green


  • Cecile Kaplan for Mother, Rose Soskin
  • Judy Emick-Leatherwood for Aunt, Ida Eisenbraun
  • Leann Marks for Grandmother, Leah Makowski
  • Lois Anapolsky for Uncle of Lou, George Rosen
  • Lou Anapolsky for father, George Rosen
  • Lynne Snyder for Brother, Adrian Minkin
  • Marlene Anapolsky for father in law, George Rosen
  • Sarah Marks for Grandmother, Leah Makowski


  • Albert Lipson for daughter, Pamela Lipson
  • Bryan Shragge for Sister in law, Karen Geiger
  • Ezra Cole for mother, Margie Eugenia Cole
  • Jill Estroff for father, Melvin Estroff
  • N/A for Aranka Spaeth
  • Sean Ward for Foster Mother, Sashi Hyatt
  • Susan Geiger for Sister, Karen Geiger
  • Zalia Lipson for daughter, Pamela Lipson



The word ‘Yahrzeit’ is Yiddish and is translated to mean “time of year.” In Judaism, there is a focus on carrying on the memory of those before us from generation to generation. Based on Jewish law, the Yahrzeit is the day one year following the death of a loved one as calculated in accordance with the Hebrew calendar.

This remembrance is performed annually by reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish and burning a Yahrzeit candle for 24 hours. Remembrances also take place at Yizkor services on Yom Kippur and the three pilgrimage festivals (Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot). It is customary to mark each Yahrzeit by giving tzedakah in memory of our beloved.

Please login and visit your personal account to manage your family's Yahrzeit list. Congregation B'nai Israel will notify you by mail several weeks in advance of an upcoming Yahrzeit observance. 

To dedicate a memorial plaque to a loved one at Congregation B'nai Israel, please use the Memorial Plaque (Yahrzeit) Order Form and return it to the temple office.

Sun, August 25 2019 24 Av 5779