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2020-2021 Membership Commitment & Religious School Tuition

Thank you for your membership at Congregation B'nai Israel (CBI).

We appreciate our members' generous contributions of time, talent and financial support that enables CBI to keep Judaism meaningful, vibrant, and relevant in our community and daily lives.

Your financial support is a necessary ingredient to sustain our wonderful traditions. It is our commitment to never refuse membership based on finances or deny a child a Jewish education because of family’s lack of financial resources. We ask only that you be intentional about your ability to contribute. Every congregant who makes a sincere pledge in any amount is a valued member of our congregation.

Below are the suggested membership commitment levels.  

Nasim (Leaders)


Giborim (Heros)


Malachim (Angels)


T’zadikim (Righteous Ones)


Shomrim (Guardians)


Bonim (Builders)


Family Membership

$2,890 (Religious School Tuition is additional - see tuition table below)

Single Membership


Senior Family (Limited Income)


Senior Single (Limited Income)


  Friends of CBI (available to households not serviced by the Jewish Federation of Sacramento)   $180

Associate Member


No person will be denied membership based on financial resources.  All conversations regarding finances are strictly confidential.

Also, a reminder if you pay at a full membership commitment level, you may gift a free membership for one year to a family or individual who is not currently a member of, or affiliated with, another congregation. That membership will include tickets to the High Holy Days. 

Please select your membership commitment below.

To learn more about CBI affiliate memberships:

Women of B'nai




K’tonton (member/non-member)


Pre K – 3rd grade and 7th grade


4th – 6th grade


8th – 9th grade


10th grade


11th – 12th grade


Scholarships are available;  Please click HERE to apply.
Student Information - please click the + symbol to add a child for registration.

Students Information

*Total 2020-2021 B'nai Israel membership pledge and Religious School/Kesher registration (if applicable)

If you have any questions, please contact Leslie Oberst at

*Indicates tax deductible

Please confirm the following information on their account.  If corrections are needed, please make them below.

Household Information

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