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Responsa - CBI Policy Statements

Over the years, the Board of Trustees has adopted responsa -- policy statements on various religious and liturgical issues such as the use of cameras in services, dietary laws and congregational events, attire on the bimah, and the presence of media at services. Like the responsa adopted over time by traditional rabbinic authorities and by the Reform rabbinate, these policies are based in Jewish religious tradition and apply the teachings of our tradition to practical questions currently facing the congregation. The responsa are developed by the Religious Practices Committee, which does research and study with the help of the Rabbi. Typically the process takes several months of drafting and redrafting. Once the Committee is satisfied with the responsum (singular of responsa), it submits its recommendation to the Board of Trustees for discussion and approval. Click on the links to the right to see the responsa approved by the congregation.

Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784