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A Scholar-in-Residence Experience

Saturday, February 29 with Ava Kahn, Ph.D.
All are welcome. Admission is free. Social Hall.

“Why We Are Here:Jews and the Early Days of Sacramento”

  An author, historian, and documentary film producer, Dr. Kahn specializes in the 
history of Jews in California, including the early days of Congregation B’nai Israel.

· 6:30 pm The Birth of a Community: How Jews Came to Northern California - Jews from all over the world made the difficult voyage to San Francisco, attracted by the gold fields and business opportunities. How did they survive in the lawless West? What became of their Jewish culture?

· 7:45 pm Short break for delicious desserts and wine

· 8:00 pm The Birth of a Congregation:  Stories From Our Earliest Days - As part of our 170th
anniversary celebration, we’ll learn more about the Jews who gathered to form Congregation B’nai Israel. Who were they? What were their hopes and dreams when they settled here?


Mon, February 24 2020 29 Sh'vat 5780