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The Israel Committee Presents:
An Evening with the New Israel Fund: Current Events and Cultivating Social Change in Israel with
Shimrit Braun Kamin and Tamar Zaken
Tuesday, August 28, 7:00 - 9:00 pm, CBI Chapel



Join us for Second Shabbes dinner
in the Social Hall at 6:30 pm.​​​​​​

Please choose what month you are attending our Second Shabbes Dinner.

Dinner is $16 for adults and kids 13 and over. Kids 12 and under are free. Kids meals consists of pasta and vegetables. If your child is eating an adult meal, please purchase one.

   Adult Regular Meals
   Adult Regular Meals
   Kid Meals

For kids 12 and under. 

If your child plans to eat from the adult buffet, please purchase an adult meal for them. Thank you.


Havdalah in the 'Hood
Register Today!

Please choose a Havdalah location from the drop down menu below. Then indicate how many guests will attend, list any dietary restrictions, and include your contact information. Please choose something to bring for the potluck! You will be contacted within a week by the hosts to confirm the details. 

Family dinners begin at 6:00 pm. Adult-only dinners begin at 6:30 pm.  For additional information about Havdalah in the Hood, contact Eileen Jacobowitz at or 916-601-1595.  

Havdalah is on Saturday night. 
6:00 pm events are for families with kids
6:30 pm events are adult dinners


Join the congregation to read or listen (it’s a 13-hour audio book) to The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander . The book marshals pages of statistics and legal citations to argue that the get-tough approach to crime that began in the Nixon administration and intensified with Ronald Reagan’s declaration of the war on drugs has devastated black America. Today, Professor Alexander writes, nearly one-third of black men are likely to spend time in prison at some point, only to find themselves falling into permanent second-class citizenship after they get out.  The authors calls upon the reader to become informed, and to take action. 

Three copies of the book are available in the Sosnick Library. 


Mon, August 20 2018 9 Elul 5778